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St. Peter’s Lutheran Church

St. Peter’s Lutheran Church

In 1907 the Christ Lutheran and Trinity Lutheran Churches of Peoria, established a Lutheran school at the comer of Cole and Everett Streets in East Peoria. The school had an enrollment of 35 students.


The school was later demolished and the site used for the new Fondulac District Library. The library has since moved to 140 East Washington Street. It is now in the Levee District. The previous library building is currently known as The Graham Building.


In 1910, the Lutheran community purchased a building at the comer of Cole and Everett Streets, directly across from the Lutheran school. This building was the former home of a German Lutheran church. The new church was called St. Peter’s Lutheran Church and the first minister

was Pastor Ernest Duever. The church began with 13 members.


By 1941 the church membership had grown considerably and a decision was made to build a larger structure. At that time, the original church building was moved across the street to 109 Stewart Street. It still stands today as a residential apartment building.

 Unfortunately with the start of World War II in 1941, building materials were almost impossible to procure. Therefore construction on the new church was delayed to the spring of 1945. The new stone church building was subsequently completed and dedicated on Nov. 7, 1947.

The church grew with additions in 1981-1982, and most recently in May 2011. The church now has a new gymnasium and hosted the Lutheran schools regional basketball tournament earlier in 2012.


St. Peter’s Lutheran Church celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2010. The minister is Pastor Kurt Mews (since 2004) and current membership is 750.

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