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Vicic Grade School

Vicic School

Vicic Grade School – On May 22, 1937 Fred Vicich transferred lot 4 of Vicich Subdivision in the northeast quarter of Section 8 Groveland Township to District #76 with the stipulation it revert to him if no longer used for a school.   A two- room brick school was constructed the same year on the southwest corner of Vicic Street and Cole Hollow Road using the same plans as Creve Coeur Grade School.  How the name of the school and street became Vicic rather than Vicich is unknown.  The school contained grades one through five.  Bill Raney attended Vicic 1940-41 and 1941-42and remembers Mrs. Etta McKee as a teacher.  June Bishop, who served on District #76’s board had children who attended in 1958 and recalls teachers Mrs. Mosselle Blue and Mrs. LeCoque . On April 25, 1985 the land, being no longer used as a school site, reverted to the Spinder Land Trust and on December 31, 1986 was sold to the First Church of God of East Peoria.  The building has since been razed.

Compiled by East Peoria Historical Society

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