Wesley Grade School

Wesley Grade School  – Daniel Garber sold lot #15 Block 43 of Wesley City (corner of Center and Water Streets) to the school trustees of Pekin Township School #3 on September 5, 1878 and a one-room school was erected.  Pekin Township District #3 became Grade School District #101 on July 1, 1901.  The original structure was move after WWI and used as a residence. A new structure was erected at that time and it was in this building in 1921 that an election was held to incorporate the village of Creve Coeur. William Doering designated Lots 6 and 7 Resurvey of lot 43 Westley City to the property of the School Trustees of Pekin Township on May 27, 1931. Some of Wesley’s students were transferred to Homewood Heights School when it was built in 1931 and be in 1948 Wesley was closed.  Groveland Evangelical Church held Sunday school there.  School of Trustees sold lot 6 to Clarence S. Clair on April 4, 1949 and lot 7 on January 16, 1961. Clarence resided there for several years and then the building was occupied by a church. The structure has since been razed.

Compiled by East Peoria Historical Society