Sacre Coeur School

Sacre Coeur School – The groundbreaking for Sacre Coeur Catholic Church and School took place on August 29, 1954.  The school opened on September 6, 1955 at 601 Rusche Lane, Creve Coeur with 132 students in grades one to four.  Holy Cross Sisters staffed the new school.   Sister Mary Ruth Angela, CSC, was principal and first grade teacher, Sister Frances Anne taught second grade and Sister Catherine Delores taught third and fourth grades.  Although eight classrooms were built, only three teachers were available.  Each year the Sisters promised to send an additional teacher until all eight grades were staffed.  District #76 leased classroom space from Sacre Coeur until the school was filled.  Sister Ann Elise, CSC (60-63), Sister Rose Anne, CSC (63-70) and Sister Regina (70-71) succeeded Sister Mary Ruth Angela as principals.  At one time, the enrolment at Sacre Coeur exceeded 200 students.  In 1971 the school was staffed by School Sisters of Norte Dame.  Sister Lori Keen (71-75), John Kelly (75-76), Pat Kawczynski (76-79), Sister Zita Gilles SSND, (79-83), Eunice Stolz (83-88), Richard Bowes (88-89), Earl Hietter (89-90), Gerald Glore (90-91), Msgr. Charles Beebe (91-93), Fr. Patrick Riordan (93-94) and Jean Foley (94-95) have also served as principals.  Kindergarten was added to the school in 1977 and a pre-school for four year olds in 1985.  Sacre Coeur was forced to close in 1995 due to lack of enrollment and the rising cost of supporting the school.

Compiled by East Peoria Historical Society

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