Rusche Grade School

Rusche Grade School –On July 15, 1895 the Rusche family  donated .34 acres of land in lot #3 in the NE1/4 sec 6 T25n R4W to the school trustees of the township for the use of Groveland Township School District #2.  Shortly thereafter a one room frame building was constructed next to the Lake Erie Coal Mine.  Lake Erie was the largest mine in the area and employed over men.   This was the second school building in District # 2 along with Gerber School.   The school had about thirty desks and a potbelly stove at the front. On July1, 1901 District #2 became District #76.  This school functioned for thirty-five years and on September 12, 1930 was sold to Harry Perry for the sum of $800.  The building remains today, as a private residence at 177 Wesley Road.  A replacement, two room brick school was built in 1930 following the purchase of lots one through nine in Rusche’s Addition from Christian Rusche. This structure was about a block from the original and had the same floor plan as the third Gerber schoolhouse.  Marna Daniel Gorrell recalls attending Gerber School because LaSalle was too crowded. She verified the like construction of Gerber School because she attended both. She recalls the school being close to the railroad tracks and probably on Oxford Road. The building and property were later purchased by Gerald Daughters on September 1, 1978.

Compiled by East Peoria Historical Society