05-03-2015 Bus Trip Details

The re-enactment of the Abraham Lincoln funeral procession begins at the Old Capital Building in Springfield to the Cementary.

The bus is a Peoria Charter Coach and has seating room for 55 guests.

The bus will leave promptly from the Fondulac Park District parking lot at 8:00 am.
The best place to park for the trip is at the far east end (by the caboose).
The Park District building is located at 201 Veterans Drive, East Peoria, IL. 61611

The trip to Springfield is “Non-Stop“. There are facilities on the bus. Estimated arrival is 9:30 am and we will disembark near the funeral train car location.
Everyone is responsible for returning to the bus by 11:15 sharp so it can leave promptly at 11:30 am.

The next stop is at the Laurel Methodist Church where the ladies of the church will provide a light lunch for our group. Lunch will consist of soup, sandwich, beverage and desert.

At 12:45 pm the bus will leave the Church and proceed to a place on the parade route that will give each person the choice of observing the funeral re-enactment from the street-side or from inside the bus (your choice). It is advised that each person bring a folding chair for street side viewing.

Upon completion of the procession, participants are needed back on the bus as it will be departing directly to return to East Peoria.

The cost per person for this “Trouble Free” “All Inclusive” trip on a Luxury Coach is $25 for members and $35 for *Non-members.
*The additional $10 pays for your membership until the end of the year.